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Sensual Series:

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Taste & Feeling

Sensual SeriesΒ Poem One: Taste & Feeling 🀭🀲 Poetry should be experienced through your emotions, mental state and senses! 

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Guess What’s New?

Hey WordPress Family! Hope you all are well. Just a quick update so you guys all know what I’m getting up to (no good as per usual). I’m sure you all will be happy to know that I have updated the site (yet again!) with a GALLERY of all the best bits of writing and…

~Proverbs {193}~

Originally posted on DiosRaw:
Do not look where you fell, but where you slipped. ~ African Proverbs


Originally posted on yaskhan:
I am a child of the earthRaised by the stars in the skyTended by the moon as I sleepScars of the world clothe meHer wounds rich in history.I am bathed by the tears of the cloudsWhen it rains, the wind howls-in my earsApocalyptic….When I cry-the earth soaks up my tearsA piece…